We are committed to responsible gambling:

Greyhounds Entertainment is committed to providing the highest standard of customer care and responsible gambling.  We recognise that whilst the majority of people who choose to gamble do so for enjoyment and entertainment, there are some people for whom this form of entertainment has become a personal and financial problem.

For some people gambling can change from entertainment and pleasure and become an issue. When that happens, gambling can play too big a role in a person’s life and hurt them, their family, friends and the people who care for them.

If your gambling is causing issues in your life, you can take steps to change this. Talking about gambling with somebody you trust can reduce the stress that can cause you to continue to gamble. If you have an issue with gambling there is free, confidential professional help and support available.

People gamble for many reasons – for excitement, the thrill of winning or to be social. Gambling becomes an issue when it causes harm to the gambler and those close to them. Usually this means they are spending more money or time on gambling than they can afford.

Here are some signs to look out for:

Money related signs:

    •     Unexplained debt or borrowing
    •     Money/assets disappearing
    •     Numerous loans
    •     Unpaid bills/disconnection notices
    •     Lack of food in the house
    •     Losing wallets/money regularly
    •     Missing financial statements
    •     Secret bank accounts/loans/credit cards

Interpersonal issues:

    •     Moodiness, unexplained anger
    •     Depression
    •     Decreased contact with friends
    •     Family complaints about being emotionally shut out
    •     Avoidance of social events
    •     Control and/or manipulation
    •     Secretiveness about activities
    •     Manipulation by threat, lies or charm

Time related signs:

    •     Disappearing for amounts of time that they cannot account for
    •     No time for everyday activities
    •     Overuse of sick days and days off
    •     Use increasing amounts of time to study gambling
    •     Taking an unusual amount of time for tasks (eg taking two hours to get milk from the corner store)
    •     Control and/or manipulation
    •     Secretiveness about activities
    •     Secret bank accounts/loans/ credit cards
    •     Manipulation by threat, lies or charm

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You can call the Gambler’s Help line (1800 858 858), or go to  to talk about how you plan to approach your family member or friend. The Gambler’s Help line and Gambling Help Online are staffed by professional counsellors and can provide immediate, free and confidential help 24 hours a day.

For further information regarding responsible gambling and other initiatives, gamblers and their families or friends can access the Commonwealth Government’s websiteMoney Smart

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Code of Conduct...


The club is committed to the wellbeing of its members, visitors, employees and the wider community that it serves. It strives to deliver all its services in a responsible and sustainable manner. As part of this commitment, the club has adopted this Responsible Service of Gambling Code and will provide the necessary resources (financial and human) to support the proper operation of the code at the club’s premises and the code office. The code is designed to assist the club to provide gambling in a socially rewarding, enjoyable and responsible manner.

The code is available in the following community languages

Greyhounds Entertainment Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct Click Here

Wagering Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct Click Here

Keno Victoria Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct Click Here

Self-exclusion (or self-banning) is a voluntary process whereby a person with a gambling concern can have themselves excluded from specific gambling venues.

When a person is barred from a gaming room they are not allowed to enter or remain in the gaming room or the gaming area they have nominated.

The venue/s is expected to take all reasonable steps to prevent a person from entering the gaming room.  They have the right to remove the person from a gambling room if they are found to be in breach of the self-exclusion agreement.

Greyhounds Entertainment’s Responsible Service of Gaming Policy states that if a Self-Excluded Patron enters the venue they are only welcome to dine in Dawson’s Bistro or the Trackside Noodle Bar, and will be asked to leave if found to be participating in any forms of betting on the premises.

Greyhounds Entertainments’ Responsible Gaming Policy has strict guidelines and does not encourage or condone gambling of any sort when a self-exclusion is in place.

The Clubs Victoria Code Office has developed a brochure for display within clubs to support those patrons looking for support.  Download the brochure RSG Brochure.

Contact Clubs Victoria Code Office for further details on 1300 787 852 or